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Unfortunately, far too many companies take advantage of consumers. Kansas City consumers are protected under numerous laws. One of the most important is the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act, which governs consumers who are the victims of deceptive business practices or fraud. Under this law, any individual who has suffered a financial loss due to actions prohibited by the law could receive compensation and potentially even attorneys’ fees or punitive damages. You may be eligible to obtain compensation under a consumer protection claim after speaking with an attorney about your rights.

Each time that you subscribe to a new service, sign a contract with someone else, or buy a product, there may be a certain level of uncertainty on your part. While as a consumer you hope that you’re doing business with an ethical company and getting the safety and quality for what you paid, there are no guarantees. This is why you may encounter a situation in which you need an experienced consumer protection lawyer to help you.

Turn to Patton Knipp Dean, LLC

You are entitled to compensation or fair treatment as a consumer if a company has treated you unfairly. When you partner with Patton Knipp Dean, LLC and the experienced attorneys in our Kansas City law office, you’ll walk away understanding your legal rights and options moving forward.

Some of the most common types of consumer protection claims emerge as a result of:

  • Auto repair fraud
  • Sales of automobiles fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Predatory collection practices
  • Home repair fraud
  • Construction fraud

How to Take Action

There are two primary ways to take action in the event that you believe you have been wronged. The Attorney General's office can help you move the matter forward, or you may seek a civil claim with the help of an experienced Kansas City consumer protection attorney. No company should have the right or the opportunity to take advantage of consumers, but unfortunately, this can and does happen all too often. It can be difficult to understand your opportunities for recourse on your own, but setting up a meeting with our office can help you better understand your choices going forward.

Choosing an aggressive legal team can make a big difference when pursuing a consumer protection claim. Gather your evidence and consult with an attorney sooner rather than later so that you can choose to move forward with a claim if you wish. The right lawyers can have a big impact on how you feel about the case as well as the outcome, so make sure you take notes during your initial meeting and discuss the advantages of moving forward with a legal case if your case meets the criteria.

Depending on your claim type, the law may require that you prove that any fraud was committed. In the event that you believe that you have recently been the victim of a deceptive or an unfair act after purchasing services or goods, it is well worth your time to set up a consultation with an experienced Kansas City consumer protection attorney.

Don’t Hesitate to Get the Help You Deserve

It is a good idea for you to pursue a civil case on your own, and meeting with an attorney sooner rather than later can give you the best possible understanding of what to expect should the case move forward, as well as the rights and responsibilities you will have over the course of your case as it unfolds in the Missouri courts. You should never hesitate to get help, as this could be an important first step toward recovering compensation when another company has violated their promises or has otherwise engaged in unfair or deceptive acts. Do not hesitate to get the legal advice that could help you to move to the next step.

Discuss consumer protection issues now with an experienced Kansas City attorney at Patton Knipp Dean, LLC. Contact us today by calling (913) 203-4786 and schedule a free initial consultation.

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