Benefits of Credit Repair

The goal of credit repair is to ensure that your credit report — and resulting credit score — is based on fair and accurate information. Credit repair may become necessary for several reasons. Those who file bankruptcy are wise to pursue credit repair after the bankruptcy is completed. Otherwise, your credit may suffer far longer than necessary, which in turn can slow your progress in rebuilding financial stability.

Don’t Become A Target Of Abusive Credit Practices

Credit errors can lead to numerous difficulties. You may struggle to get financing for purchasing a home or car. You might get turned down for rental housing. You may face higher interest rates and insurance premiums. And you might even have trouble getting a job.

By pursuing credit repair, you can:

  • Get rid of outdated information: Negative records should not remain on your credit score forever. By law, they must be eliminated after a certain time frame. Yet the credit reporting agencies may not take the initiative to get rid of outdated information. You may have to take the lead in identifying and disputing old data.
  • Eliminate debts that have been discharged in bankruptcy: Your income-to-debt ratio weighs heavily in your overall credit score. If your credit report reflects debts that no longer exist, your credit score may unnecessarily suffer.
  • Identify and clean up inaccurate information: Credit reports are not always 100 percent inaccurate. Mistakes and mix-ups can detrimentally impact your credit profile.

Once your credit report is clean and up-to-date, you can feel confident moving forward with a solid foundation for rebuilding your credit.

Free Credit Repair Services

At the bankruptcy law firm of Patton Knipp & Dean, we provide free credit repair services for all of our bankruptcy clients. We will review your credit reports, identify any inaccurate or outdated information, and pursue every available means of removing it.

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the law that governs credit reporting (including the Fair Credit Reporting Act). We know what to look for in detecting problems with credit scores or reports. We will not hesitate to take on major credit reporting agencies, even pursuing your case in court if needed. Our collective knowledge, experience and resources can be your advantage in disputing inaccurate credit information.

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