After Bankruptcy

Many people dread the thought of bankruptcy because they believe it will result in permanent financial ruin. Fortunately, the reality is not so grim. Bankruptcy is designed to give consumers a clean slate by wiping away their responsibility to pay back certain debts. In the midst of serious financial struggles, bankruptcy may be your best chance at a more stable future.

But Won’t Bankruptcy Wreck My Credit?

Concerns about your credit should not deter you from considering bankruptcy. The fact is, if bankruptcy makes sense for your situation, then your credit has likely already hit rock bottom. Continuing to miss payments and letting the debt build will only destroy your credit further.

After your bankruptcy is completed, you will be in a far better financial position than you were before bankruptcy. You can take simple, easy steps to start rebuilding your credit. And by making smart financial decisions, you can work toward buying a home, taking out a car loan and pursuing other milestones.

Bankruptcy may be the fresh start you need to start rebuilding a strong financial foundation.

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An Important Post-Bankruptcy Issue You Should Not Overlook

Many bankruptcy lawyers believe their job is done once your debts are discharged and the bankruptcy case is closed. Yet important legal issues often continue to arise after bankruptcy.

One critical post-bankruptcy step that everyone should take: examine your credit reports and dispute any inaccuracies. Credit reporting agencies often fail to update the reports to reflect that your old debts were wiped away. Unfortunately, it often takes a good deal of pushing and persistence to successfully update your credit report.

How We Can Help: Complete Bankruptcy Guidance

At the bankruptcy law firm of Patton Knipp & Dean we offer The Complete Bankruptcy model of legal guidance. We will not only represent you through the formal bankruptcy process, but also handle any issues that arise after the bankruptcy is concluded — including credit repair issues. To get started with a free consultation, contact our firm. Our attorneys serve clients throughout Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri.