Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy does not equate to failure. In fact, bankruptcy can give you new financial freedom — if done correctly. At the law firm of Patton & Knipp, LLC, we know how to do it right. Our attorneys‘ 20-plus years of legal experience can be your guide through this difficult time. We enjoy helping people who have fallen on tough financial times move forward toward a more stable future.

How We’re Different: The Complete Bankruptcy Model

You’ll find that many bankruptcy attorneys take a “one-and-done” approach to cases. They will represent you through the bankruptcy court process, but once your court case ends, they leave you without guidance to tackle the important next steps to securing your financial future.

At Patton & Knipp, LLC, we understand that the implications of bankruptcy do not disappear with the winding down of your court case. Legal issues may continue to arise after your bankruptcy is completed. And we will be there to guide you through those issues — at no additional charge.

For example, our legal team will walk you through the credit repair steps that must be taken after bankruptcy to ensure the fresh start you desire. We will make sure you have the tools and foundation necessary to rebuild a strong financial outlook.

Stop Creditor Harassment · Pursue Debt Relief

Have you suffered persistent harassment from debt collectors? Are your wages being garnished? Do you have collection lawsuits or judgments against you? If so, it is time to consider bankruptcy.

Call our lawyers at 913-495-9998 or contact us online for a free consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments as well as no money down bankruptcy options. With multiple convenient office locations, we handle consumer bankruptcies throughout the Kansas City area as well as Kansas and Missouri.